David Kirshenbaum and Chaim Munk join a family-owned wealth management firm. With a focus on establishing a client-first, transparent culture, they lead the company’s growth and success, building long-term relationships and carving out a name as astute, trusted investors.


Mr. Kirshenbaum and Mr. Munk form a real estate investment and asset management company, PSI Capital Management. Over the next five years they transact in properties spanning the East Coast, from New York to Florida.


The company acquires a property in Phoenix, AZ, their first acquisition off the East Coast


Following a number of successful ground-up and multifamily acquisitions across the United States, they rename the company Brightstone Capital. Using the same philosophies that established the wealth management company as a leading, trusted money management firm, the partners grow Brightstone Capital into an established company with a solid track record of its own.


Brightstone adds student housing and hospitality to its portfolio


The company reaches a milestone of 10,000 units

Our Mission

To bring consistent value to our investors and partners from acquisition to disposition. We do so by identifying strong opportunities and applying conservative, proven strategies to maximize their value while maintaining strategic downside protection. We hold our properties to the highest standards of management, improving residents’ quality of life and maintaining the asset’s value.


David Kirshenbaum


David Kirshenbaum combines a strong financial background with a keen eye for detail to ensure the company’s profitability. He specializes in financial management, closing even the most complex transactions.

David oversees deal strategy and execution as well as investor relations, partnering with private, corporate, and institutional investors. David directs the financial reporting and partner experience, establishing and maintaining a sophisticated portal for a seamless investment experience.

Chaim Munk


Chaim Munk specializes in property acquisition and asset management. From deal selection and underwriting to boots-on-the-ground market research, he directly involves himself in each stage of the deal cycle.

Leveraging his financial savvy and operational experience, Chaim oversees asset management, meeting with managers, implementing cost-cutting systems and efficiencies, and regularly visiting properties.

Our Approach

Plan strategically.
Deliver success.

Brightstone’s focus is on unlocking value for its investors. From workforce housing and multifamily communities to student housing and hospitality, Brightstone’s hands-on philosophy promotes the development of a strategic plan for each asset. Brightstone’s core team is deliberately tight, giving the company the agility to easily enter new markets.

Diversify holdings

We invest in income-producing and value-add properties across a variety of property types and markets. With diversified investments, investors are protected from typical market fluctuations.

Identify strong value

We stay on top of market trends to identify undervalued properties, properties with hidden value, or income-producing assets with room for value add.

Employ Multiple Strategies

Before entering a property or deal we invest in significant underwriting and market research to develop a solid value-add plan along with multiple exit options.

Stay Selective

We identify investments with inherent value and a strong cost basis. As asset managers, we’re able to evaluate a property on its own merit, without geographic management limitations. Once we’ve acquired a property, we select the local management company ideal for that property type.

Uncovering value. Creating value.